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>Villa Wind Tie  

The Villa Wind Tie is a spring loaded tree tie excellent for high wind areas providing stability and allowing slight movement promoting tree strength.


Product Specifications

Small and Large Specifications
Villa Wind Tie
Villa Wind Tie Instructions

Description: The VWT model is a spring-loaded Wind Tie which is available in two different lengths. The Wind Tie is designed to keep the transplanted tree in a safe environment, while allowing for proper growth.

Application: The VWT is to be used for recently transplanted,
containerized trees which cannot stand alone, or require a defense from wind damage. Each tree is to be double-staked, with two VWTs per tree.

Construction: The 1/2" Polyvinyl O.D. tube is comprised of a soft material, but it is also weather-proof and extremely durable.

Features: The VWT is non-girdling, self-adjusting, and requires no periodic inspections. The VWT secures the proper and upright growth of the tree while still allowing the tree freedom of movement with the wind. The VWT can be easily detached much sooner than any other tree-tying apparatus, and will cause absolutely no harm to the tree.

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