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What is a root barrier?
Root barrier is a physical, underground wall that, when properly placed, causes both structures
and plants to cohabit cohesively.

What does a root barrier do?
Root barrier protects the concrete and the environment from root damage

What is a dual purpose panel?
A ribbed, two foot section of root barrier that has both male and female connections on either

What does a dual purpose panel do?
The panel provides deep watering as well as root diversion.

What is a Villa vacuum roll?
A polyethelene roll of root barrier with vacuum-formed ridges.

What is a linear barrier?
Root barrier that is used along a sidewalk, curb, or both.

What does Inner Rib Pre Cut mean?
It means that the root barrier has been cut to a specific size.

What is a rhizome barrier?
A high-density, polyethelene root barrier that is used for planting bamboo.

What is a moisture barrier?
A roll of recycled, polyethelene plastic that installed near medians to keep moisture from
going beneath the street surface.

What is a bio barrier?
Bio barrier is a filter fabric blanket that has chemical, time-released nodules attached to it.
These nodules release a chemical that prevents the root systems from damaging hardscapes.

When would one use aluminum or steel edging?
Metal edging is used to create landscape borders and for the separation of gravel or grass.

What is a lodge pole?
A lodge pole is a pine stake that is used to support a tree when it is first planted.

What is a tree guard?
A tree guard is durable, lightweight, perforated polyethelene cylinder that protects the stock
of the tree from wear and tear.

What is a tree tie?
A tree tie is a rubber strap that is attached to the lodge pole and wrapped around the tree to
promote properly aligned, steady growth of the tree.

What is a wonder tree tie?
The wonder tree tie consists of a spring attached to a wire that allows for needed expansion.
This spring and wire are covered in a vinyl tube and are generally used in high wind areas.

What is woodflex plus used for?
Woodflex plus is a plastic header board that comes in various sizes and is used for planter
areas & landscape separation.

Who is invisible structures?
Invisible Structures is a manufacturer of porous paving products that are used mostly in
conjunction with grass or gravel (i.e. fire access, roads, cemeteries, & sports fields). Their
products have been marketed and proven longer than any other manufacturer of these

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