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> Grass pave 2  

Protects and Enhances the Environment

Grasspave2 is an exciting, "invisible" porous paving technology that combines recycled raw materials, sound structural engineering, efficient production techniques, and proven horticultural methods to give designers a living turfgrass alternatives to asphalt for traffic-bearing project applications.

Grasspave2 protects and enhances the environment in three ways: First, made from 100% recycled plastic, Grasspave2 keeps common consumer and industrial products from going into landfills. Second, grass paving directly improves the environment by recharging water tables on site (reducing flooding hazards downstream), reducing sources of oils and solvents from asphalt, absorbing carbon dioxide, and creating oxygen. Third, it enhances the beauty and quality of the built environment-replacing hot asphalt-paved areas with cool, sparkling green-like spaces.
Invisible Structures
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Product Description
Grasspave2 has thin-walled independent plastic rings connected by an inter-locking geogrid structure, which because it is installed below the surface, is invisible in the complete project. While the rings are rigid, the grid itself is flexible, which makes it easy to install on uneven grades, and reduces usual cut and fill requirements.

The rings transfer loads from the surface to the grid structure and engineering base course material below, thus preventing compaction of the upper root zone of the grass. Small loads, such as shoes, are supported by single ring, tires and large loads are supported by several rings.
The rings also act to contain the root zone medium (usually sand) and prevent lateral migration away from tires, feet, or other loads. This protects the grass root system, enabling roots to grow deep into the pourus base course. The result is healthy, green turf at the surface.

One person can easily install the Grasspave2 rolls at a rate of 70 m² (750ft) per hour, plus time for base course preparation and grass installation (seeding, sod, or sprigging). Step-by-step instructions are included in our Installations, which accompany each order.
GravelPave2 Invisible Structures

Features and Benifits

  • Allows 100% grass coverage instead of asphalt
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • High strength to weight load-bearing capacity
  • Supports vehicular and pedestrian traffic
    -church/employee parking
    -overflow and event parking
    -golf cart paths
    -residental driveways
  • Maximum porosity
    -low to zero runoff
    -free air/water movement
  • Permits more trees
    -cooler site
    -great oxygen
    -removes air pollutants
    -can preserve existing trees
  • Helps to meet "Green Coverage" codes
  • Fast, low cost installation
  • Competes in cost with asphalt paving
    -no gutter and drain system needed
    -no added land required for detention failities
    -lower life cycle cost
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