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Lodge Poles provide strong and durable support for newly planted trees. These pressure treated poles are available in 5 different sizes. Lodge poles are used for newly planted trees so that they can establish a good & healthy root growth for long life.

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Product Specifications

Round Pine Poles come from various regions of North and South America and grow in dense pure stands making it readily available and inexpensive as a tree support. They also have a very straight and gradually tapering trunk that contributes to its desirability as a tree support.

The Pine Poles are peeled, removing all bark, to a smooth diameter. They are then pointed on one end, chamfered at the other and pressure treated with an EPA - registered pesticide to protect them insect attack and decay.

The resulting product is an inexpensive durable and strong support for trees.

Dimensions: 2" x 8', 2" x 10', 2" x 12,' 3" x 10' and 3" x 12"

The treatment of round wood products is through pressure treating using A.C.Q. (alkaline copper quaternary).

Lodge Poles from Villa Root Barrier


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