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> Bamboo Barrier / Rhizome Barrier  

Villa Bamboo Barrier is used for the containment of rapid spreading Bamboo shoots and is available in various thickness and width’s.


Product Specifications

Bamboo Containment Barrier
It is believed that all kinds of bamboo spread out of control unless contained by bamboo barriers. There are two types of bamboo clumping & running. Generally clumping bamboo grows from a central stem and does not spread. However, for the running bamboo you will need barriers to contain it in most soils.

Once planted bamboo grows very quickly, thus the need to control the running roots systems. Natural containment is not always adequate for running bamboo. For an aggressive horizontal root system a physical barrier is required to stop the unwanted migration of running root systems.
This is where Villa Bamboo Barrier comes to the rescue. Properly installed at a minimum of 2 feet with an ideal depth of 3 to 4 feet, this should control most running root systems.

Thickness of .030, .040, .060 & .080 mil are available Width's 12"-48"
Our material is High Density Polyethylene made from recycled products.

Annual Control
In the late summer when bamboo roots tend to run each of your barriers must be checked for rhizomes that has jumped the barriers, just remove these to maintain complete containment of the bamboo roots.

bamboo root barrier
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