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> Aluminium Edging - Permaloc StructurEdge  

StructurEdge is a permanent, aluminum paving restraint system that is designed to be easier to install and out-perform plastic, PVC and steel systems. Its tight-fitting L-shaped design promotes healthy turf and accommodates irrigation heads. StructurEdge readily forms to curves, radii and angles, as well as straight lines, allowing wide installation flexibility.

  • StructurEdge is a versatile product that can be easily installed under the paver or away from the paver. In addition, each piece is capable of performing straight or curvilinear applications.
  • StructurEdge’s interlocking sliding connectors eliminate possible weak points. A low profile design allows for healthy turf and irrigation heads immediately adjacent to pavers (unlike bulky triangular restraints).
  • StructurEdge allows a single part to be used for curves, angles and straight lines with minimal effort.
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